Monday, May 27, 2013

A Refresher Course

Due to SATs, school and events I missed both of the previous chances to attend the ILC Tutorial session. Although, judging from Don's stories and the blogs of other ILCers, that may not have been a bad thing. Luckily, this is my second year with the ILC, so the tutorial was more of a review than a learning session.

Don was kind enough to schedule a separate tutorial session just for me. He arrived at my house at around 12:00 PM on Sunday and we worked hard until 2:30. We reviewed the intricacies of the blogging procedure (many of which I had forgotten), things I should pack for my trip East, ILC loaner items, and how to use Photoshop. I was not looking forward to having to do the tutorial, but it actually ended up being very helpful and relatively enjoyable.

With the tutorial and this blog done I am slowly checking items off my list of things to do before summer. Unfortunately that list is still very long and I need to get back to my Calculus problems, physics worksheets, and English essays...