Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New Haven Life

This summer I was able to experience the world through new eyes and mostly through the eyes of four young men ready to take on the world.  As we set out on our journey to discover the East Coast none of us knew what to expect.  I can honestly say the trip brought meaning to life not only for the students but for myself.  Exploring colleges, visiting states and cities that I had only read about in books, meeting tons of people and eating some of the best food of my life was a experience I will never forget.

When I first applied to be a chaperone for the Ivy League Connection I did not truly know what that meant.  After all the dinners, school board meetings, city council meetings as well as other meetings with Don I began to see that this was truly a experience. When we arrived on the East Coast I began to fully understand what these young men were getting to experience and wished that when I was getting ready to venture into college something like the Ivy League Connection existed.

Thank you Charles Ramsey, Madeline Kronenberg and Don Gosney for giving the opportunity to spend my summer with these four young men seeing the world through their eyes.  This experience has made me realize that the students of WCCUSD have so much in them and we as educators need to find and discover what it is.  When I returned from the East Coast I realized that the students in our district have so much to offer.  Everyday I tell at least 10 students that they need to look into become a part of the 2014 Ivy League.

Thank you to Josh, Damian, Eric and Liam for being the best cohort.  I truly enjoyed being your chaperone and experiencing the East Coast and the Yale program with each of you.  You are all intelligent young men who are respectful, knowledgeable and trustworthy beyond your years.  Your parents should be proud of the men that they are raising.  Not only have you made me proud you made WCCUSD proud.  Good luck in your senior year, the college application and SAT process as you go through the next year.  I know wherever you choose to go you are thanks to ILC making an informed and thought out decision.

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