Sunday, August 18, 2013

My Last Two Days on the East Coast

       The last two days have been very different from anything I’ve experienced thus far on the trip. You’ll have to excuse the length of this blog, primarily its short length. All in all, the sixteenth and today, the seventeenth, have been relatively boring.
            The one noteworthy thing that did happen these past few days was that I bid farewell to all the friends I had made while with the Yale Young Global Scholars Program. Ryan, Alex, Metincan, Tyler, Kevin, Ayano, Silin, Yi, and Abby are just of the few people I can call friend that I made during this program. I will miss them all greatly but will keep in touch so we don’t drift apart. They were a pleasure to work and study with, not to mention that I loved picking their brains on what they thought about world problems or national issues. Everyone is a bit different, and I loved learning how their minds work. I will miss the directors, the instructors, and the seminar leaders. I don’t know who I won’t miss but I will never forget what everyone taught me. I thank them all very much.
             After saying our goodbyes to our friends, my cohort and I left to go shopping for souvenirs and lunch. The food was good and I hope that my friends and family back home enjoy all of the souvenirs I got for them. We then hitched a train ride back to Providence, Rhode Island and found one of our friends from the program, Eloka, waiting to catch a train to Newark and then a plane to London. It was nice to see him again and say see you later one final time. I hope he is doing well right not. We then checked into our hotel, and then went out for dinner and a movie. The food was very nice and the movie Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters was okay. But that is basically the sixteenth in a nut shell. Now although I usually post picture of the food we eat, this time I won’t. I feel like logging every single thing we eat is a bit repetitive.
            Then there was today. Today has about the same substance, but is a bit more relaxed. I got up at eight o’clock this morning, got ready, and relaxed until twelve fifteen this afternoon when we had to go downstairs for checkout. Everyone slept in, which is what we all needed after two weeks of working hard. We then went out for our final meal on the East coast called Local 121. The food was fantastic. I had a zucchini gazpacho soup which was a bit bitter for my taste, but the pasta I had was very good. Eric didn’t have the room to finish the other half of his sandwich, so I finished it for him and man did I mess up in my entre choice. His sandwich had beef, kale, sautéed mushrooms, and caramelized onions that went so well together. The onions complemented the beef to create a sandwich that melted in your mouth.
            After we lunch we caught a cab to the airport and flew to Chicago.We waited on the tarmac for a while and then flew to SFO. After we landed, my parents and sister greeted me and I was elated to see them. I was officially home. We had some pupusas, a Latin American food, to celebrate and got to experience my homes weather again. I missed it, but couldn't wait to see my grandmother. I am so glad to be home yet sad I won't be at the program. But all good things must come to an end.
            But before I let you go, I know you want to know what happened during the class. Well, as much as I would have liked to have blogged it as it happened, we were swamped with classes, seminars, and simulations from nine thirty o’clock in the morning to nine o’clock at night. Then from nine at night to midnight, we had to work on our group Marshall Briefs, additional essays, or seminar readings. There was just no time. But in my reflective blog, I will do my best to do, from memory, to give you a day by day account of what transpired. Goodnight.

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