Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday, funday?

Sunday, fun-day?? With only 5 weeks left and over 3,000 pages to read for my Yalies, I decided today as I sit home watching movies that I would begin the required reading.  So I took out the ipad, a pen and paper, and sat with my cup of coffee to begin.  My first decision was which one to start with. 
Should I begin one of the long readings or kick out one of the shorter ones? So many decisions.  I sit here thinking would as as a junior going into my senior year of high school have as much motivation as my four cohorts?  After only 1 minute I know the truth that at their age definitely not.  But then again there was no ILC in my day or anything in my district that would encourage me to believe that I could attend a 4 year college and especially an Ivy League school.  As I have been through ever step of the process of the ILC so far it has really opened my eyes even as a adult.  We are still 5 weeks out from the beginning of our trip but I have already changed my way of thinking towards Ivy League colleges.  Listening to alumni talking  at the dinners, talking to the admissions counselors from various colleges to arrange tours, as well as all the readings I have done to prepare myself for this trip has left me excited and ready to show the world to my four cohorts.  I am looking forward to walking through this process with four young men that I know will not only do their best to make the ILC proud of them but who will also use the knowledge they learn from this experience to give back to the ILC and their communities.

So off I go with my first book, coffee and an excitement to know that we are so close to our departure day!

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  1. Aside from the books that Yale is requiring them to read, the ILC also had quite a bit of reading we required of them. Quite a few articles and another book--about 900 pages.

    Yale has their own ideas about how to prepare but we have a few ideas of our own.

    While these books may be useful, they have no pictures at all and can work as a great sleep aid. Tough reading.