Saturday, April 27, 2013

Chevy's Meeting with Cohorts

Setting up a Meet and Greet with my ILCers and their parents was a way for us to meet in  a relaxing environment before we begin the next steps.  As so as I found out who the young men that I would be chaperoning this summer were, I contacted them to set up a meeting with their families.  Being a parent myself I wanted their parents to feel comfortable that I would be supervising their child on this fantastic journey.

On Thursday April 25th we met at Chevy's.  All the young men arrived with their parents to begin the process of getting to know about each other.  I began by telling them about myself and why I choose to participate in the ILC this year.  I then had each of them introduce themselves so that their fellow ILCers and their parents would know something about each of them.  I soon discovered one key item...each of these young men are AWESOME!  These ILCers discussed all of the school and community activities that they are involved in as well as their future goals.  It is impressive of how involved they are in their school, communities, and still have time to be great students.

We had a lot of food and a really good time and this meeting confirmed why I choose to participate in the ILC.  The thing that I left with was how impressed with each of these fine Yalies and how much I am looking forward to spending the time this year chaperoning them on this trip of a lifetime.  I am lucky because I have a wonderful group of young men to work with. Eric, Damian, Josh and Liam I am proud to be chosen as your chaperone for the Yale program this year !

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